Oddsmonkey Review 2022 – What makes it so good?

In this review you will find my honest thoughts about my experience with OddsMonkey.com

Let me say first of all that I have been matched betting for around 5 years and in that time made around £35,000 clear profit. Anyone new to matched betting may find this figure hard to believe but you can trust me when I say that you can do this quite easily and probably even make more.

I have used many matched betting services in the past to teach me how to make this sort of money. Many people will say you don’t need to be a member of a matched betting site like OddsMonkey but trust me, it’s a whole lot easier if you are and you will make a lot more money by being part of a like minded community.

Read on to find out about why we think OddsMonkey is the best matched betting service out there right now…

Overview of OddsMonkey

Matched betting has been around for a long time, it’s only in the last couple of years that it has become mainstream. It’s featured on Martin Lewis’ money saving program and been in several national newspapers.

Sites like OddsMonkey have helped catapult matched betting into the mainstream conscious and people who have never placed a bet in their lives are now placing more bets per day than a seasoned gambler. With absolutely no risk to their money.

OddsMonkey have a video on their website that explains matched betting better than we ever could.

OddsMonkey has always been involved in matched betting sites and it is there software that helped launch other matched betting sites and made them so popular. The fantastic software was leased from OddsMonkey. Now they have decided to offer a matched betting service for themselves and their aim is to make the best matched betting service in the country at the best value.

They are aiming to be better than everyone else.

Unlike their competitors when you sign up to a premium account for £17.99 a month you automatically get access to all of their software, and they have some really fantastic software.

You will have to pay extra for all the software at their competitors.

Despite being the most comprehensive matched betting site on the net OddsMonkey’s prices are extremely competitive  at £17.99 per month or £150 per year. You can get a free trial here which allows you to make around £45 profit and kick start your matched betting career.

This is much cheaper than their two main competitors of Profit Accumulator and Profit Maximiser.

How Does OddsMonkey Work?

OddsMonkey make matched betting easy even for the complete beginner. They offer comprehensive tutorials and then post all the offers from hundreds of bookies every single day. Not only do they post the offers but they post exact instructions along side the offers so you know exactly what you have to do in order to profit from them.

They also have amazing software like the oddsmatcher and dutching software that allow you to make money even when there are no more offers left to do that day.

OddsMonkey are a matched betting service that post bookmaker offers online every single day – collating each and every offer from over 100 different bookies.

Software & Services from OddsMonkey

All the software and everything described below is included in your membership. Not all of this is available in the free trial.

Tutorials & Training

If you are a complete beginner at matched betting then there is no better site to start learning how to do it and how to make serious money every month. Seriously. You will make money by being a member.

OddsMonkey will walk you through the process and teach you everything you need to know using videos and guides to make it as easy and user friendly as possible.

Even experienced matched bettors will find a lot of useful tips and information in the tutorials.

Like I mentioned previously, the Free Trial offers you access to enough information make around £45 profit and you are under no obligation to sign up afterwards but trust me, you will want to.


OddsMonkeys oddsmatcher is where it all started and what allowed other matched betting sites like Profit Accumulator to form.

Once OddsMonkey decided to create their own matched betting membership site PA decided to create their own oddsmatcher but it wasn’t as good or feature rich as the OddsMonkey one. OddsMonkey had years of development behind them and had spent a long time working out the kinks and already had the perfect oddsmatcher. Everyone else was now playing catch up.

One of the most time consuming things about matched betting is finding close match bets to make the best profit from the offers. The oddsmatcher lets you do this in a matter of seconds. The more time you spend each day matched betting the more money you will make. Time is money!

Matched Betting Calculator

OddsMonkey provide you with a great calculator for you to use to work out how much you need to bey and lay. The calculator is an essential tool for matched betting so get familiar with it.

The calculator tells you everything you need to know. How much to bet, how much to lay and most importantly how much money you will make once the bet is complete.

It is simple and fast to use.

Using the calculator and oddsmatcher alone can make you serious money every month and that’s before you get stuck into the rest of the tools on offer.

Horse Racing Matcher

A lot of matched betting offers revolve around horse racing. The problem with horse races is that the odds change very quickly, especially near the start of the race. SO finding a good match can be a pain. This is where the horse racing matcher comes in.

It is a like a live feed of all the odds from all the bookie sites and exchanges meaning you can see at a glance where the best matches and value is. This has been a game changer for matched bettors. There is serious money to be made from horse racing bonuses and this software makes it so much easier to profit from them.

The software also has a series of filters so you can get rid of any bookies you don’t have accounts with etc.

Each Way Matcher

This is another horse racing tool. Many horse racing offers include the offer of an ‘extra place’ when placing an each way bet. These are particularly popular with big races and meetings like Cheltenham and the Grand National.

So they might offer 5 or 6 places instead of the usual 4.  By taking advanatage of this you can hit MASSIVE payouts if your horse comes in the extra place.

Using this tool and the horse raching matcher you can sometimes cover many horses in the same race increasing your chances of hitting a huge payout. The reason you get such a big payout is because you essntially win 2 bets. Your bet is classed as a win at the exchange as it came 5th but because of the extra place you win at the bookies as well.

This is more advanced matched betting technique but with the software and tutorials on offer it won’t take beginners long to become proficient at it.

Acca Matcher

Accumulators are a staple of matched betting but they can be time consuming and daunting. I didn’t touch accumulators for years as I found them too time consuming.

With OddsMonkeys Acca Matcher you can now make a profit from every acca you place. It’s that simple. Put on a acca bet, use the software and follow the lay bet instructions. Make a profit. No matter happens in the acca regarding results you are making money. Most people don’t believe this is possible and it wouldn’t be without the software.

With software like this you can literally make money all day every day if you want to.

Again accas are considered a more advanced technique but there is no reason anyone can’t get involved now. If I can do it you can too.

Dutching Software

You might not have heard of dutching but this is another way you can make money on every bet you place. You are simply taking advantage of the varying odds bookies are offering on the same event. You back every outcome, usually on football, and no matter the result you make money.

When OddsMonkey first launched this software I was completely blown away. It’s basically a huge list of bets you can place and just make a profit. Even if you are gubbed from that bookie.

Plus it makes you look like a ‘mug’ bettor meaning the bookie will probably throw more free bets your way. It always makes me laugh when I get an email from a bookie saying here is a £20 free bet! They have basically sent me £18 profit in an email. These emails start to come more regularly when they think you are a mug.

Casino & Bingo Offers

Weirdly you can even make money with OddsMonkey from the casinos. There absolutely loads of offers on here. Quite often you won’t make anything but of course you won’t lose anything either. Other times you will hit a massive pay out, I have personally had slot machine wins of £500 and more in one day from following the offers outlined on OddsMonkey. Let me tell you, that feeling never gets old when you get a huge win.

There are may risk free offers to take advantage of and ther eare also a few non risk free offers but they are considered to be good value. Over time by doing all the offers outlined you will make a profit but if you are completely risk averse you can ignore these. I quite often do. Don’t ignore the risk free ones though as those big pay days are just around the corner for you. It’s just a matter of time.

Community Forum

Profit Accumulator has a great forum but it is now so busy your posts can often get missed or simply ignored. This isn’t a problem we have encountered at oddsmonkey. The community is really helpful but where it shines in the staff support. The staff at OddsMonkey have been amazing for me, if I have ever had a problem they have been there with a solution so fast I didn’t have time to worry about it.

The forum is not essential to your matched betting journey but it is nice to have the support and ear of other experienced matched bettors.

It’s good to get involved with the community as often people will post offers that have just popped up and are available for a limited time meaning you can take advantage before it disappears.

OddsMonkey also run competitions every month with cash prizes for their community. These are completely free to enter.

Customer Support

As we have mentioned, the customer support at OddsMonkey is second to none. Unlike their competitors they are incredibly helpful and supportive if you have a problem. They want you to succeed and will bend over backwards to make sure you do.

Wehn you first get started matched betting you may have some concerns, fears or run into a problem with a bookie. Thus can be daunting but your fears are pretty much completely alleviated by having the support of the OddsMonkey staff available.

If you ever get stuck on an offer or are unsure of what to do you can very quickly get an answer from their expert staff.


We are completely comfortable with saying that OddsMonkey is the best value service you will get from anyone anywhere in the world. Quite a statement but where else can you make £1000-£2000 a month for a £17.99 a month membership. That is a pretty impressive return on investment.

If you are thinking about joining another site or going it alone, don’t. Trust me, it is worth every penny and there is nowhere else that is cheap anyway. You will likely make your £17.99 investment back within minutes of joining.

Give the free trial a go here and let us know in the comments of your experiences with matched betting and OddsMonkey.


2019 Update:

Exchange Integration:

OddsMonkey have continued to add to their software and made many improvements since this review was written. You can now place your lay bets directly from the Oddsmatcher as they have Betfair and Smarkets integration. This means you can lay your bets with one click, the correct amount and odds will be bet for you. It saves so much time and effort it truly is a game changer for any matched bettor. 

Profit Tracker

Throw away that old spreadsheet as all OddsMonkeys tools now have an integrated profit tracker so you can log all your bets with one click. Again this saves much time compared to doing it manually. It also takes away one of the worst aspect of matched betting for me, updating spreadsheets. I always found it such a pain and so boring to update them but I know longer need to as this logs everything for me. 

New Racing Matcher

The new racing matcher blows the old one away with customisable filters and greatly improved performance. The old matcher could be a bit slow to load on a weekend with so much racing going on but that problem has now been eradicated with this new software. It also takes advantage of the exchange integration. 

OddsMonkey is still the best matched betting website on the internet and they continue to get better and better every single month. 

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