Profit Squirrel Review – is it worth the high price?

So Profit Squirrel have been advertising heavily lately both on Facebook and Google. So I thought I better sign up and check it out. I’m always on the look out for sites that can make me extra money.

Initial impressions.

The site is nicely designed and well laid out but the fierst thing you are going to notice is the price. It’s £24.99 a month. That quite frankly is ridiculous and I’ll tell you why. Profit Squirrel does not even come close in terms of the features, software or support that you get from Oddsmonkey which costs £15 a month. How they plan on breaking into the matched betting scene with that pricing point is beyond me.

Here’s what you do get:

Tutorials and Training

Well this is pretty much an esstential feature of any matched betting site. It rund you through the sign up offers and explains everything you need to know to start making money. It does a good job. I can’t fault it for that. It isn’t as comprehensive as profit accumulator or odds monkey but it does the job.

Video Tutorials

Videos are always nice as you can watch a more experienced matched bettor complete an offer and copy what they do step by step. Again the videos are fine. No complaints here.

Matching Software

Basically it’s their version of the odds matcher. This is pretty much a standard feature of all matched betting sites now. It’s an essential tool. It works ok but again Oddsmonkeys oddsmatcher is light years ahead of it. You would get by fine for general day to day use though.

A calculator

It seems weird that I even have to mention you get a calculator. You can’t do matched betting without one so it would be a pretty bad site if they didn’t have this. There’s nothing particularly special about this one. It does what you need it to do. It gives you the amount to lay and your profit.

Profit Tracker

This is a cool feature. Not essential by any means but it lets you keep track of your profits and is a great motivator to keep going when you see the money starting to pile up.

Squirrel Rankings

You get points for completing offers and helping out arounf the forums. You can win prizes for collecting points so it incentivises you to keep going.

Real-time Notifications

You’ll get a desktop alert when a new offer comes in. Pretty cool feature but it can be annoying as half the time it won’t be a worthwhile offer.

Community Forum

Again this is pretty standard. Unfortunately due to profit squirrels currently tiny membership base the forum is a bit of a lonely place. When you first begin your matched betting career you need support and guidance from fellow matched bettors and site staff. This is a real problem for profit squirrel. Even if their forum was busier they cannot compete with the expert staff that respond within seconds on Oddsmonkey.

There isn’t much else to say on this one. The above are all the features it has to offer. If anyone can see a compleeling reason to pay£24.99 a month for this then please let me know. Oddsmonkey is £15 a month a they have an absolute ton of first class software and the support is out of this world. You can get a free trial of Oddsmonkey as well (click here) another basic feature that Profit Squirrel seem to have ignored.

So I am at a complete loss as to where Profit Squirrel fits into the market place. If any members can let me know why they are a member there instead of Oddsmonkey then please do so in the comments. I would be absolutely fascinated to know.

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