Matched Betting After Sign Up Offers – What to do next

Many people I talk to about matched betting are under the false impression that once the sign up offers are complete that matched betting is over. I don’t understand why people think this way. The truth is, once the sign up offers are complete your matched betting career is just getting started.

The sign up offers are a great way to get started. They get all your accounts open and ready, plus they earn you around £1000. This sets you up perfectly for what is to come.

Bookmakers are offering ‘reload’ offers every day of the week. These offers come thick and fast from all the bookmakers and quite often there are so many offers to do you will have to pick and choose the best ones to do. Bookies want you to keep betting with them, that is how they make their money. In order to encourage you to bet with them as opposed to one of the multitude of other bookmakers out there they dish out betting bonuses and offers like there is no tomorrow.

The only problem we have as matched bettors is finding all these offers. One of the best ways to keep up to date is to opt in to promotional emails when you sign up to a bookie. That way they will send you offers via email, but they don’t send you them all. Another way is to enter a mobile phone number into your account. Ladbrokes and Paddy Power especially love to send text messages about their latest bonuses.

However there is really only one way to see all the offers and that is by signing up at Oddsmonkey. They have a daily calendar that outlines all the offers of the day and the upcoming weeks ahead so you can quickly see at a glance what offers are on and how much they are potentially worth. This saves so much time and effort that the calendar is worth the membership fee all on its own.

Not only does this show you a list of offers but you can click into each one and get detailed instructions on how to profit from it. Not all offers are the same and sometimes they can be complicated to complete unless you know what you are doing. They also use a traffic light system to highlight easy offers in green and more difficult offers in yellow and red. You can sort the calendar by difficulty rating or by profit. I like to pick the easy offers and get them out of the way and then come back and attempt some of the higher value offers that are a bit more time consuming later. Make the easy money first in my opinion.

Some offers are on day after day like the horse racing offers. Most bookies will have a variety of different offers on the days horses. It tends to change every day though so coming to OddsMonkey makes it a big time saver. They also have the racing matcher software that allows you to quickly find matches for the days horse offers.

Clicking the blue buttons will show the details of the offers and show a live odds feed with close matches that you can get on straight away. It outlines the qualifying loss for each horse so you can quickly make an informed choice. Plus now they have Betfair integration you can lay your choices without even leaving the Oddsmonkey website!

Even if you end up getting gubbed from a bookie you can still use that account to continue profiting with dutching, extra places and even straight arbing using the oddsmatcher.

So what is there to do after sign up offers? Well a lot! Like I said earlier you will make around £1000 from the sign ups but you can expect to earn £500- £1000 a month going forward from reload offers. If anyone tries to tell you that matched betting is a short term game then go ahead and point them in the direction of OddsMonkey!