Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator – Which one should you go for?

If you are looking for a premium matched betting site then without doubt the 2 main choices are Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator.

I have already done a detailed review of Oddsmonkey and of Profit Accumulator so you can read those if you want more in depth information. This post will directly compare the two and go over the main pro’s and con’s of each service.

If you are in a rush and don’t want to read this whole post then long story short – Oddsmonkey is the better service. You can get a free trial of Oddsmonkey here.


At the time of writing Oddsmonkey is the cheaper service which is amazing considering you get more for your money.


  • Monthly Cost  – £15
  • or annual membership – £150
  • No additional fee’s for new software

Profit Accumulator

  • Monthly Cost – £17.99
  • or annual membership – £150
  • Extra charges for additional/new software

Straight away you can see that Oddsmonkey is significantly cheaper. Especially if you want all the software.

Software Comparison

Profit Accumulator used to run on Oddsmonkeys software. Then Oddsmonkey decided to offer their own matched betting service so PA decided to lauunch their own software. It’s quite good until you compare it to Oddsmonkey’s. Oddsmonkey have been developing matched betting software for years and it shows. The software they offer is unbelievable.

New software like the Acca Finder are mind blowing. You can find all your accas here and save them so you can easily keep track of them. This is a game changer for accas. If accas are your thing then you need this software.

Even basic software like the Oddsmatcher is far superior on Oddsmonkey.

Guides and Tutorials

Both sites offer excellent tutorials and guides for beginners. Both have video and written guides that will walk you through all the sign up offers and teach you everything you need to know. Hard to split the sites here. Both are excellent.

Even experienced matched bettors will find some useful information here.

Both sites have guides on how to do every offer that is posted on a daily basis so you never need to worry about not knowing what you are doing.

Oddsmonkey has a lot of specialist software that will help you make extra money and they have detailed guides on how to use all this software. How to get the best out of it and most importantly how to use it to make money.

Community Forum

Both services have busy and helpful communities. Many reviews will tell you that Oddsmonkeys forum is very quiet but this information is out of date. Oddsmonkey now has a large membership base and the forum is a hub of activity. PA’s forum is the busier and this might be to it’s disadvantage. The staff seem to ignore or overlook some threads where people are asking for help. Oddsmonkeys staff excel in this area. Questions and queries are quickly answered either by ‘helpful members’ or by the site staff.

One of the reasons I ended up leaving PA is because my questions on the forum were going unanswered.


Oddsmonkey have one of the best support systems I have ever seen. Not just in matched betting, in anything. The staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I cannot speak highly enough of their staff and support systems. If you are a beginner this is worth the membership fee alone.

PA’s support is also good but as I mentioned it’s a bit hit and miss. Especially on the forum. Questions on there are left to the community to answer on a lot of occasions. Also many members of staff ignore private messages or maybe they just don’t check them. This was my personal experience anyway.


There is a clear winner here and it’s Oddsmonkey. The support, additional software and cheaper price point just make it a complete no brainer.

I highly recommend Oddsmonkey, you can sign up for their Free Trial here. There is also a money back guarantee if you do decide to sign up to a premium account and decide it’s not for you.