Matchedbets Review – Are they any good?

Matchedbets are one of the latest websites to spring up offering matched betting software and tutorials. There are a lot of sites out there now jumping on the band wagon. Few of these sites are much good but seems to be trying to do it right.

After first signing up to matchedbets you will notice their rather striking design choice. The first thing that hits you is the bold colours, I have to admit I’m not a fan of the colour scheme it’s a tad old school compared to the sleek and modern look most sites go for these days. Having said that however it is easy to read and navigate so I wouldn’t let that put you off.

Let’s take a look at what matchedbets offers and how it compares to the competition.

The Oddsmatcher

The oddsmatcher is an essential part of any good matched betting site and matchedbets effort isn’t bad. It’s clear and concise and the filters are good. My main gripe with the oddsmatcher is you cannot order it by column, so if I want to order the results to see them in order of back ods for example there is no possible way to do this. The only only option is the default one of them being organised by rating.

Clicking a selection opens the calculator but it takes you to a new page so then you have to go back a page and start all over if you decide the selection isn’t what you want. It would be better if this opened in a new floating window that you could quickly close and get right back to the oddsmatcher.

As the image shows the Oddsmatcher is clear and easy to read. It’s just a shame you can’t change the order. Again I hate the colours they have use for the bookmaker and exchange columns.

The filter is really good though. I particularly like how you can choose different start times.

The Calculator

Another essential piece of kit. Again matchedbets have gone with the awful colours, I know this is irrelevant but to me it makes it hard to read. I really have to study the page as opposed to being able to see the information I need at a glance. The other thing that bugs me about this calculator is how big it is. It doesn’t fit on the page so I have to scroll down to see my results.

One nice feature is the ability to choose what bookie and exchange you are using. It automatically puts in the right commission amount based on your choices. You can also choose to log your bets directly from here so choosing the bookmaker does make sense as it allows you to see what your bet was and who it was placed with at a later date.


The Daily Offer Calendar

This is where you can quickly see all the offers for the day. This is pretty good, it’s laid out nicely and it’s organised by profit so the best offers are at the top of the page. You can click through each one and get detailed instructions. We have to say that is one thing matchedbets has gone to town on, their instructions are as detailed as you would find anywhere. Each part of the process is broken down into it’s own section. Great for beginners but more experienced matched bettors are going to find this frustrating as there are more clicks than necessary.


The new customer sign up offers are laid out in a similar fashion. It’s nice that you can mark them as done once they are completed.

Acca Software

This software is still marked as being in beta. It has some nice features but there is still a bit of work to be done for me. What I do like is the is clearly shows how long an acca will take and the method you will be using. The problem is it mixes in all the different acca types. There doesn’t seem to be a way to display lock in acccas or no lays accas etc. They are just all mixed into one long list. There is a bookmaker filter which automatically displays acca bets that fit the offer criteria which is cool.

Clicking into an acca will show the break down but again this is really large and you have to scroll down to see all the backs and lays and again the colour scheme makes it hard to read.


Community & Forum

This is one of the sites biggest failings but it’s through no fault of its own. The forum is really quiet. If you don’t really care about spending time in the forums then this is of no concern to you but if you want a busy community to chat with this isn’t the place for you. The forum works well and I like how there is a place for conversation on certain offer pages.

One good aspect of the forum is that it is free to join. You don’t need to be a premium member to access it. With that in mind I’m surprised it is so quiet.


Support comes via the forum and is very good. The support staff aim to get you an answer within in 5 minutes which is really nice. There is a support button on every page however it just points you in the direction of the forum. There is also email support available 7 days a week and a live chat feature for account queries. I’ve not seen any other matched betting site with live chat implemented. Can imagine it keeps them very busy but that kind of immediate response support is a welcome addition to any matched betting site.


Matchedbets is competitively priced in the market with a monthly cost of £14 or £99 for the year. That makes it one of the cheapest matched betting sites on the internet. There is also a free trial which shows you enough of the offers to make you £50, I’d recommend signing up for this even if you have completed those offers as it will give you a feel for the type of detailed guidance you get from the site.

Comparison with Oddsmonkey

Full review of Oddsmonkey click here

In our opinion Oddsmonkey is the best matched betting site on the internet. Their tools and support are light years ahead of everyone else. Matched bets has made a good attempt to compete and have clearly invested some money into getting their tools and site developed.

There is just a lot missing that here that you get on Oddsmonkey. There is no dutching tool, no each way matcher, no racing matcher, no extra place matcher and so much more. Oddsmonkey only costs £1 a month more than matchedbets so we are hard pressed to recommend it over Oddsmonkey.

If you are looking for an alternative to Oddsmonkey then this is a great bet and we are sure that is going to get better and better as time goes on. They haven’t been around very long and have already established a nice site with some well functioning tools. If I you are asking me whether to sign up to Matchedbets or Oddsmonkey then I can only recommend Oddsmonkey but Matchedbets is probably the next best thing right now and they are an up and coming site.

MatchedBets are currently offering 7 day full access to their site for £1, you can sign up for that or the free trial by clicking the button below.