Profit Maximiser Review 2018 – Our experience with it

Profit Maximiser was pretty much the first complete matched betting service, it paved the way for today’s huge sites like Oddsmonkey.

When it first came onto the scene Profit Maximiser was a game changer for the industry. It started the ball rolling. Since then though there are quite a few sites that have stood on their shoulders and surpassed them.

What is Profit Maximiser?

Like any other matched betting service Profit Maximiser teaches you to make guaranteed money from online bookies, including sports bets, casino offers and more.

Matched betting is something that can be done every single day if you know what offers are available and that’s where Profit Maximiser comes in.Matched betting does not end after the sign up offers are complete. A good matched betting service will teach you to make money every single day.

How Does Profit Maximiser Work?

Profit Maximiser posts all the daily offers on their website and give you the instructions you need to profit from them.

They also have a range of software and tools that will assist you in this process.

Offer Calendar

This is where you go every day to check what’s available. Which offers are on and you can highlight the ones you want to complete. It’s a great way to see at glance of what’s on that day. Oddsmonkey do this as well but there’s is far superior. One of our biggest annoyances with Profit Maximiser is the fact that there website is pretty old fashioned. It doesn’t look modern and it immediately puts you off.


The Oddsmatcher is where you can compare all the bookies at once and look for great matches that are available to bet on. It compares the bookies odds with the lay odds at the various exchanges like Betfair.

Finding close matches can be extremely time consuming and it will slow down the amount of money you can make every day so a good oddsmatcher is essential. Profit Maximisers oddsmatcher is great, it does exactly what you need it to do.

You can also use it to find arbs but we highly recommend you avoid arbs if you want to keep your bookie accounts open.


Profit Maximiser has a vast array of tutorials available to guide you through every kind of offer available. These include written guides and video walkthroughs. When you are new to matched betting these tutorials and guides are essential. This is the knowledge you need to consume to become a serious matched bettor.

The guides are simple, well written and well presented.


Email Support

At some point you will need help or advice when you are matched betting. It can be a worrying time when you are betting with large amounts of money, so a good support system is essential. Mike is very responsive to emails and you can get help from their forum. Unfortunately as responsive as Mike is the support just cannot compare to Oddsmonkey who have a large team available that are always available and extremely responsive.

This is where Profit Maximisers standard features end. Profit Maximiser costs £99 + VAT for a years membership. This makes it one of the cheapest matched betting services currently operating. There are however many add-ons which cost more money. Oddsmonkey will give you everything for £15 a month and they have better support so you need to way up what is better value for you.

Add-On Products

The extra cost of these products is one of the reasons we have Profit Maximisers score down.

Here is a list of the extras you can purchase for a one off fee. Some of them are better than others.

Matched Betting Software – this gives you a more advanced oddsmatcher, dedicated horse racing software, in-play odds software and some dutching software.

Bonus Bagging – This package runs you through all the sign up offers. I don’t really get why this isn’t just part of the main product.

Accumulator Generator – This will automatically find accas that you can use to make a profit from. Each one will let you make a profit. Again this is similar to Oddsmonkeys Acca Matcher but it’s just nowhere near as good.

Each Way Sniper – This software finds extra place races that you can take advantage of.

EV Maximiser – EV stands for estimated value. This software will tell you the EV of every casino offer. IT doesn;t mean you are guranteed to make money. It relies on you sticking with the offers so that over time you will make money based on the EV. It’s not for everyone.

Betfair Renegade – This one looks at betfair for odds that are over priced. By betting on these long term you should make a profit again because of EV. We’ve not seen any other matched betting website offer this feature.

Betfair Sniper – This software focuses on horse races and shows you how you can lock in risk free profit from the ever changing odds. It can lead to huge wins when you underlay a horse correctly.

Bookie Blowout – Another horse race tool. This one looks at the odds the night before a race and shows you which ones you can back and then lay off before the race for an instant profit.

Betting Mastermind – This gives you access to everything listed above.


Is Profit Maximiser a scam?

We get asked this a lot and that is why we have written this review. No it is not a scam, it is a legitimate matched betting website. Once you get past the awful landing page which looks incredibly scammy the product is good. Not the best but very good.


Profit Maximiser has a lot of interesting software. A lot of it is unique to them. You can’t get anything like this anywhere else. For that reason alone it is worth checking out if you are a big matched bettor.

Try and look past the awful webpage which looks like it was made in 1996. Once you get inside it starts to improve.

Because of it’s unique software and Mike’s (the owner) dedication to his product we have given this product 4/5. The main reason we have marked it down is because the pricing is all over the place. With Oddsmonkey you pay one fee and get everything, with this there are various add ons to buy which always irritates us.

You can sign up to Profit Maximiser here. There is a 14 day trial which costs £1. Be aware though that if you don’t cancel you will get automtically billed £97 + VAT for a full membership.

You can sign up for Oddsmonkey here. Oddsmonkey has a completely free trial here.