YesBets Review – Do they stand up to the competition

Yesbets are another new matched betting service that have started to gain some traction in the market so we decided to check them out. We will of course be comparing them to Oddsmonkey who are the market leaders in matched betting. There really is no point signing up for Yesbets unless they are better than Oddsmonkey as the price is exactly the same.

We first signed up for a free account to see what was on offer.

The first thing that we noticed is that Yesbets outline all the sign up offers that are available to do on their site although you can’t access the tutorials with a free account. They do give you detailed video instructions for Coral and Ladbrokes offers though.

Each offer is split into different sections, it breaks down the different stages you need to do with a video for each portion. You must watch the first video to move onto the second video and then the third etc. This seems a bit pointless as it is restricting more experienced matched bettors to watching content they don’t need to. You don’t have to watch the whole video but it makes you click it before you can move on.

The video guides are clear and concise I just don’t like how it’s split into so many videos. The offers really aren’t that complicated even for beginners so this seems a little over the top.

The Oddsmatcher

As we have said many times the Oddsmatcher is an essential tool of matched betting. Yesbets has a really good oddsmatcher. It’s clearly laid out and easy to read. They have used nice colours to highlight the columns.

Clicking the icon at the end launches the calculator which again is clear and easy to read.

You can also confirm and save your bets which automatically adds it to a profit tracker. This is a really cool feature that makes it easy to keep track of your bets and overall profit.

Racing Matcher & Eachway Matcher

Yesbets also have a racing matcher for horse racing offers. The matcher works really well and does what you expect it to do. As does the each way matcher. They are very similar to the ones found on Oddsmonkey to be honest. There’s not a lot to say about them. They are good and do what you need them to do.

Community Forum

Like a lot of smaller matched betting sites, the forum is very quiet. There’s not a lot of activity here at all which is a shame. The staff are quite active and are around to help out if needed. I can’t really under estimate how useful a good community can be, there is so much to learn from other matched bettors and often members will post up great tips and offers. This isn’t going to happen here though as there is hardly anyone posting anything.


There is the forum, email and even live chat here. The staff are nice and quick to respond to questions.

Comparison with Oddsmonkey

There isn’t really a comparison here unfortunately. Yesbets falls far short of Oddsmonkey in every department. They have some nice tools but Oddsmonkeys tools are better and Oddsmonkey has more tools. Yesbets has no acca software, no dutching tool and no extra place matcher. All these tools are included at Oddsmonkey at no additional charge and each one of them can be used to make you money.

Yesbets costs £14.99 a month which is 1p cheaper than Oddsmonkey. So why would you sign up to an inferior service for the same price? I think if Yesbets was a lot cheaper then it would be easier to recommend. Not everyone needs or wants all the tools but you shouldn’t have to pay more to get less. That makes no sense to us.

There’s no option to save money here with an annual membership either. There is also no 30 day money back guarantee. With Oddsmonkey you can sign up and get all your money back if you decide it’s not for you. You can’t do that with Yesbets so it makes it even harder for me to say give them a go. It’s a shame because Yesbets have some nicely designed tools and the guides are good. Hopefully in the future they can either develop the rest of the missing tools or lower their price point which will give people a reason to choose them over Oddsmonkey.

For now I recommend signing up with Oddsmonkey.

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