What is matched betting? How to bag bonuses from bookies

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting also known as ‘bonus bagging’ is the way people make a no risk profit by placing bets at online bookies.

Usually it involves placing a back bet at the bookies and then a lay bet at an exchange to cover all outcomes of the bet. This qualifies the bettor for a free bet, which they then use to make a profit.

Bookies are constantly offering free bets to their customers to encourage them to keep betting. This is great for us because for every free bet we get we can make money.

Before I go any further explaining matched betting, there is a great video at Oddsmonkey.com that explains it better than I ever could so give that watch. Oddsmonkey is also the site I use to find all the free bets. You can read my Oddsmonkey review here.

Matched betting is completely risk free when done correctly. Your money is never at risk and over time you will make a great deal of money. I myself have been matched betting for around 2 years and have made clear profits in excess of £25,000. This has literally changed my life.

How Matched Betting Works

I’ll stick to the very basics in this explanation

The back bet – The bet at the bookie

This is a typical bet you would place like any other. Using Manchester Utd vs Chelsea as an example – your back bet would possibly be Man Utd to win.

The Lay Bet

This is the bet we place at an exchange like Betfair or Smarkets. These are like bookies but they allow you to bet against outcomes. So in this case we are going to ‘lay’ Man Utd.

So… If Man Utd win we have won at the bookies and lost at the exchange. If Man Utd lose we have lost at the bookies and won at the exchange. If it’s a draw we have won at the exchange and lost at the bookies.

So no matter what the result we have broken even. We have won nothing and lost nothing. BUT now we have qualified for a free bet!

Making Money

So we are using lay bets to cancel out the risk of the back bet.

We can then do the exact same thing but now we have a free bet. So we can underlay at the exchange and make a profit on the free bet no matter the outcome.

It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. For every bet you get you will make around 80% of it’s value as profit. So on a £20 free bet you make £16-£18 clear profit. You only need to do this twice a day and you are making serious money every month.

Bookies will offer you a free bet to sign up with them so we can start by signing up to all the bookies (there are hundreds) and make a lot of money. Once the sign ups are done we can move on to the reload offers. These are offers that bookies offer every single day to keep you betting. So we keep making money.

And no, the free bets don’t stop coming once you’ve completed all of the sign-up offers.

SO why isn’t everyone doing this?

Well it is fast becoming more popular and bookies are starting to try and weed out the matched bettors by restricting how many free bets they give them. They want ‘mug’ bettors as they know they will make money from them time and time again. With matched betting we have completed tipped the scales in our favour. We can’t lose.

Because this is becoming more popular we need to keep our bookie accounts looking as normal as possible. Not because matched betting is illegal or against the rules but because we want the bookies to keep giving us free bets so we can make money forever.

Matched betting is endorsed by Martin Lewis and there is a large section on his website about it. You can also read about it here on Wikipedia.

Won’t the bookies eventually stop this?

Fortunately for us this will never happen. Why? Because there are so many online bookies the competition is massive, they need to offer incentives to get people to bet with them rather then one of their rivals.

Plus the bookies aren’t that bothered about it as long as they are making money. There are still millions of mug bettors wasting their money every day with online bookies. As matched bettors we can blend into this crowd and the bookies won’t care about us.

Despite the popularity of matched betting now compared to a few years ago there are more free bets than ever so it’s likely that this will go on in some form for a long time. IF you are worried though now is the time to jump in and make money while it’s so profitable.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Yes. 100%. You are breaking no rules at all. All you are doing is placing bets. You are simply taking advantage of a loophole in the maths.

Bookies are ok with this in general but they may restrict your free bets if they think you are taking too much value. Even if that happens you can make money from Dutching. This is a more complicated form of matched betting but it is simple once you learn about it.

Is matched betting a scam?

So this is the first question most people ask. This is too good to be true. This is one of those rare times that something this good is true.

Who can take part?

Anyone over the age of 18 in the UK can take advantage of this. It’s most likely easy to do in other countries but I have no knowledge of foreign bookies so wouldn’t like to comment.

Sign up for a free trial at Oddsmonkey.com to learn how to make around £45 – you will then be hooked and telling everyone you can about this amazing process. People will think you are a mathematics genius when you first explain it to them!

There is no risk

Unlike traditional gambling there is no element of risk. You can never lose money, you can only make money because we are laying all our bets and taking away the risk.

Sounds complicated…

It does at first but believe me it couldn’t be simpler. Use the Oddsmonkey free trial to see how easy it is. If I can do it then you definitely can. In my first month of matched betting I made over £800 profit.

Tax Free

Another great benefit of matched betting is that it is tax free. Any money you make doing this is all yours. The tax man can’t touch it because it is considered gambling winnings which are tax free in the UK.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want an extra £1000-£2000 per month. Many people have given up full time jobs to do this instead because a) they can work from home and b) they make more doing this than working a 40 hour week at a job they hate. SO imagine adding £1000 a month to your bottom line by doing this around your full time job. It’s a game changer for anyone and any family. It changed my life so much I was inspired to create this website to tell everyone about.

Don’t even think twice about Matched Betting for a second. Get involved today and start making some serious money.