What does gubbed mean and how to stop it happening?

Getting gubbed is something you want to avoid if you are a matched bettor. Basically it means that the bookies don’t think they can make money off you and they will email you to tell you that you are no longer eligible for offers. They may also limit the amount you can bet with them.

Matched betting allows you to make vast amounts of money from online bookies, this can last for years if we look after accounts. If we don’t look after them the outcome is nearly always a gubbing.

Matched betting is completely risk free, you won’t lose money but we have to avoid getting gubbed!

What Does ‘Getting Gubbed’ Mean?

If you get gubbed by a bookmaker they will send you an email saying something along the lines of “We are sorry but you will no longer be eligible for participation for special offers and free bets”. They won’t explain why and they won’t use the phrase gubbed.

Gubbed is an unofficial term used by matched bettors.The bookies want to make money from you and if they don’t think that is going to happen then they will stop giving you offers. They might have realised that you are only their to exploit their offers or you may simply have won too much money.

The bookies have large teams monitoring accounts and any they deem unprofitable will be flagged for closer investigation by a trader. They will look at your account and see if you are taking too much value.

It eventually happens to all of us on 1 or 2 accounts but we can keep the majority if we tread carefully. It feels very unfair for them to do this and it shows bookies for what they are. However as we are exploiting their offers we can’t feel to aggrieved.

Why Have I Been Gubbed?

Getting gubbed hurts and it puts a dent in your profits. Losing one of the big bookmakers can cost you hundreds of pounds a month.

No amount of complaining to the customer service department will overturn their decision either. Trust me, I and many others have tried. They don’t care and you have to accept that the account is gone.

Getting gubbed is usually for one of the following reasons.

1) You only ever bet on prices boosts or special offer bets

This will let the bookie know pretty quick that you are only after the bonuses.

You have to mug bet to look like a normal punter. I’ve written a mug betting guide here.

2) You’re taking too much value. 

If you are using Oddsmonkeys oddsmatcher or the horse racing matcher all the time all your bets will be fantastic value for you and but not so much for the bookie. They are aware of prices at the exchanges as well as you so they are looking for patterns.

3) Arb Bets

An arb is where the odds at the exchange are higher than the bookie meaning you can lay it off for an instant return. This is big thing to avoid if you want to avoid a gubbing. There’s nothing the bookies hate more than arbs.

4) You’re multi-accounting or gnoming

Gnoming is against the terms and conditions of all bookies and if you are caught doing it they will close your accounts and they may even keep any funds in your account. They cannot keep your money for a normal gubbing but multi accounting they can and probably will.

How to Get Ungubbed?

It is very very rare that this will happen. If you continue to mug bet the account it is possible that it will happen after a long time but we feel that is a waste of time and money as it may never happen. Each bookmaker is different. Sometimes it is worth returning to a gubbed account and testing it out to see if they let you take part in special offers. If they do then your account may have been unrestricted to get you betting again.

Like I said earlier it is pointless complaining to the customer services. They will simply tell you it was a trader decision and nothing they can do. It is impossible to discuss it with a trader. They aren’t available to talk to.

If you get your stakes restricted it is even harder to get ungubbed. Some people are members of betting tipster groups. These groups can make a lot of money so it won’t be very long before the bookies restrict their stakes to protect their profits. Very unfair of them as they are offering these odds but they don’t like losing. Always remember that.

If you do want to try and recover a gubbed account then the best way to go is continue betting with them. Play the casino and mug bet a lot.

How to Prevent Getting Gubbed

If you mug bet enough you won’t get gubbed it’s as simple as that. Another good tip is to play the casino, you can’t lay this off but it’s worth the small losses to keep the account in good standing.

Give them a bit of money back on a regular basis and you will be able to make thousands from that account over the years. Remember to read my mug betting guide for the best tips on how to keep your accounts open.

If you are new to matched betting don’t let the above put you off. It’s not that hard to avoid detection and matched betting is very lucrative. We recommend joining Oddsmonkey to learn how to make £1000 per month from matched betting. Get a free trial here.